October 2013
Well Im off to Thailand next week, cant wait to get away for a bit of sun, the realisation of the end of summer has almost killed me off. Ill be traveling with my good friend Xarah Xavier to do 2 back to back sets in Bangkok and Pattaya… getting a few days holiday too so think a few days visiting friends in Puket is on the cards.
Last month my bezzy mate Dj Wanda came to visit from Romania…..
A flat out week of fun and work. We’ve got a little project in place so made a shoot with Sarah from Glowphotography. We got some beautiful images, but keeping them under raps for now :)
Here’s one of the shots from the day.

Image 1 - Version 2

Getting ready for the shoot.

Image - Version 2

We also got a good session done in studio and played together at a London fashion week after party… Oh and not to forget the shopping in Oxford St……
(all in all a great few days).

Image 2

Shopping in Oxford circus with Dj wanda

On the gig front Ive had some amazing trips over the last few months, August was crazy busy mixed with my usual London residency gigs at cafe Royal and Buddha bar.
Early that month I travelled to Bosnia Sarajevo to play at Summer Lounge with a great line up including Tomcraft and Alex Zimmerman, the journey hit 4 flights in 24 hours, bloody tiring but well worth the trip. for video footage follow link.
Watch video
I also played an amazing gig at Porec festival in Croatia.. the arena was totally sold out.. Shapeshifters and prljavo kazaliste were also on the line up.
View from decks @ Porec Festival
Image 2 - Version 2
From there I had a further 2  gigs in Italy and beautiful Korcula Island
Check out my Korcula Island mix on soundcloud
Korcula island mix
On the track front…
I recently worked with lovely Viennen singer Reno Ka, the finished track is called Stay Strong and soooo deep house. A bit different to my normal style of track but such a beautiful song, she has an amazing voice, totally sweet very impressive
Im also working with Gary O Brian on 2 other tracks which are shall I say it…. a bit more banging :) Still work in progress but almost there.
OH ….. and finally, we got an amazing new member to Casa Mavrik.
Meet “Jagger” the Battersea dogs home rescue dog.
Had to give him a mention as I don’t know how I ever lived without him
Hes gorgeous…
Image 1

JUNE 2013

Mid summer already! Can you believe it?? The last few months have flown, other than going straight with the ‘ol’ Afro’ Ive had a few blinding trips including Romania, Poland and Ibiza..

I had a lot of fun over in Romania with my good friend Dj Wanda. We played back to back  at No Name Club in Timisora. We’ve since put a few ideas into place and are looking to get into studio in London very soon. (schedules permitting).

On decks with Wanda in Romania….

The week after I had a great tour in Poland visiting Warsaw Opera Club and Lublin’s Flamingo. That weekend ran into a trip to Ibiza the day I returned. I got to catch up with some beautiful friends from all over Europe … have to say a big thanks to Jelena & Harry for such an amazing trip. Definitely good few days!!

Back to London…. Ive finished up several tracks since I last wrote, Ive also had a release under Dutch Label ‘Strangers in Paradise’. The track is called ‘The Drive’ and is a collaboration between myself and Dj EQO. Its pretty banging so be sure to play it loud.

For track support pls head to Beatport


Myself and Marcella Woods finally finished up our track, its called Alive.. She gave such a great vocal in studio (miss one take wonder). Im extremely happy with the final outcome.. Be sure to watch out for its release in the near future :)

@ Studio with Marcella…

As for working the party scene…. I’ve been lying low recently, had a couple of nights out but most notably hooked up with 2 of my old friends, kick ass vocalist Errol Reid and Dj/ presenter, Mr Normski . Had a right laugh and talked old classics all day. Sometimes its just all about Primrose Hill  :)

@ the pub with Errol & Normski…

Ciao for now xx


APRIL  2013

Keeping busy the last few weeks…

I’ve been getting stuck into lots of new projects recently… and of course enjoying myself in the process :D

I’ve just signed off a banger of an electro/ progressive remix to Dutch label ‘Strangers in Paradise’, the track is a collab between myself and Dj EQO. We really enjoyed making this one as we were pretty free to push the track and make it as dirty as we wanted… looking forward to this release in the next few months..

I’ve also finished up another new track, which I’m really happy with. I’ll be back in studio at the end of the week to place it with an amazing vocal from Marcella Woods…  and we have another lovely tune that’s almost good to go, this time a collab between Igor Project, Marcella and myself, will keep you posted on how things turn out.

On the party front I’ve had some fun nights out since last check in. Last months trip to Poland was amazing, had such a great time, even though it was -15oc. I stayed in a totally beautiful 15th Century hotel in the centre of Krakow..  though I did get a bit creeped out to be fair, it was soooo big I kept getting lost  and there was no one about, talk about The Shining!

Had a very early turn around flight on return so didn’t get to see much, but I had such a great reception at the venue it totally made up for having 2 hours sleep. Do hope to get back out to Cien Club very soon.

Follow video link for footage of the night


Talking bank holiday weekend:

I played at Holdup Heroines, a great costume party @ Home House in Central London. It was totally packed out, everyone came in 18th century dress and I got to play a pumping set. I so love to play at events where people are totally up for it. I was joined in the line up by DJ newcomers ‘The Sweet Harlots’.. two very good friends and they did so well! Looks like the next Heroines vs Pushca is on May 5th so be sure to check it out!

On top of a hectic few days I also started my new live show “Crossfire” on S-Dance radio last week. Other than club Djing I love to work on radio, I get to talk nonsense ;) and play all the things I don’t usually play in my standard set. I’ll be mixing it up with some deep and progressive sounds, along with new releases and great unsigned tracks… you can catch my show every Thursday from 6-8pm on 96.1fm and online at

Last weekend was equally as good, action packed to say the least!! Saturday evening was definitely a big night out with the girls… Phew!… First we went to the Bacanal party at Bloomsbury Hall, from there we headed down to Avalanche at Mcqueen and finished up at Ministry of Sound to catch Michael Woods 1am set. Also got to check out Thomas Gold and Danny Avila’s sets later on, such a good night…WITH BANGING TUNES.. but totally felt it the day after :)

Girls night starting @ Mcqueen: As you can guess from the photo it got a little bit messy.. Sue, myself & Marcella #alwaysfun

Below: @ Cien Club/ Krakow…On the decks with crazy DJ Deas #sweet

Looking forward to whats in store for the rest of April, will keep you in the loop



MARCH 2013

Sooooo whats been happening recently?? Other than cracking my tooth and having to replace it with an extremely over priced in-plant :( #boringstuff

Well lots to be fair… On the 3rd month of giving up smoking #feelsgood and having a good early start to the year, this time of year is normally rubbish so no complaints so far. Bummed out not to be heading to Miami music conference this week, looks like its going to be something special! However at least I am going away to work for a few days. Tomorrow I’m of to play at Cien Club in Krakow. I know its not exactly sunbathing weather right now but I’m pretty excited to be playing there and I’m all set to smash the club right up!

Talking music on the night?…. there’s a few releases that have caught my eye recently. Loving a bit of Zedd, Dannic and W&W right now, also Nicky Romero is totally smashing it with his vocal tracks. I’m all about Dubstep and Prog/ Electro breaks for 2013 so basically anything from Spinnin records is working for me at the moment.

Last month was pretty cool, I had a great Hed Kandi tour in South America. I travelled to Chile with Ministry of sound Dj Igor Project.. Absolutely the nicest and funniest guy, we had a great time, stayed in some lovely hotels and did a bit of partying too. I always managed to make it home first though ;)

Other than missing our connection in Brazil and having several late nights in Santiago we made a new track by the pool, met some great people… now good friends (Valentina, Isa & Francisco) … and stayed on a few days extra to make it a bit of a holiday.

The Mantagua gig totally went off, we got a great response and played through sunset until after midnight. Do hope to get to head back out to Chile again soon, this was definitely one of my better tours. Follow link for a quick bit of footage we filmed at Mantagua Pool Party.


On the Decks with Igor Project in Chile/ Sth America…

I’ve been keeping my head down the last month, working on a few studio projects. This month I’m hoping to finish up a collaborations with Igor P, Marcella Woods and Eqo.. also a couple of remixes. I’m pushing for a more electro sound right now, got lots of idea’s, nice to feel so inspired in March, the weather’s so crap I should be totally depressed!

Just finished a promo track, “First there was a dream” with Dj Eqo. The track idea came after watching “Moonraker” … gotta love a bit of insane 70′s retro Bond. The only storyline where he made it to space, his rival Drax is bad ass!! Couldn’t let that slip by without making a track release out of it. Had a laugh with this one and it really works on the dancefloor, so have fun with it if you do bother to download it :)
You can check it out here :
And download it for FREE!

Also thought I’d have a little update this month, I shot some new press shots with Sarah Monrose @ Glow Photography. I’ve worked with Sarah for years now and she always creates such beautiful images, really talented in her field. Here’s some of the pics she took on the shoot.

Signing out for now, catch you soon


November 2012

Had such a great few months…
Summer kicked off well with lots of trips and a spell of 6 weeks filming for ITV2 and Peter Andres Bad Boyfriend Club. I was cast as one of the judges on the show.
We were really sad to see the end of filming .. such a wicked team.
The show has already been aired but you can catch up on the episodes here on ITV player
Image 8 Image 1
On set with Peter and the judges
In late July I headed over to Istanbul with vocalist Marcella Woods to play a set at 360 Istanbul. We took 4 days out and got up to all sorts.. Dont ask :)
The gig went really well and the day after we headed out to Suada pool club on the Bosphorus sea, where we were invited for the afternoon with Pitbul and his band. Got a great shot with him and the Miami boys.. We started on the tequila around 2pm so you can imagine the state of us by midnight
After the gig in Istanbul with Pitbul and Miami djs..
Had a few amazing trips to the America’s too, I had a tour of Brazil in September traveling to play with Dj Leo Justi. We hit Rio first them followed up with Sao Paulo, Brasillia and Belo Horizante… such a god damn amazing country!
Kiris Houston was tour manager.. we had the biggest laugh!
You can see what happened here
A few weeks later I flew back out to play for Tv station ‘The Terra Network’ in Mexico City. I played at Plaza Condesa, such a huge venue and totally packed out. Was super enjoyable, what an amazing response! It was far to short a trip but at least I got to spend a few days out checking out the City.
Taken from shoot overlooking Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio
Other than that I had some great gigs in Poland and a tour of Croatia, my favourite place to play. The best gig so far was at Kutina, the stage was full of lazers and it was an open air event. VERY COOL!
Sadly the pictures don’t do the event justice but heres a few anyhow..
Image 5 Image 6
So that was my last few months.. Im sure there’s a lot more to add but I think you’ve read enough by now
If you’re totally not done, check out the footage from Spancirfest Festival… another cracker in Croatia this summer, bit of an interview and some footage from the night… It’s all been about ‘Croatia’ this year!
Spancirfest Festival
Catch you soon

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