‘The Monday After’ – Miss Mavrik / Daniel De Bruijn / Amber on Baroque Solo Records (Released 2011)


This release was a pleasant surprise that came off the back of a trip to Amsterdam ADE in 2010. After meeting producers Afra Amber and Daniel de Brujin at an after party the trio decided to step into studio before the conference came to an end.

The track was almost finished before Miss Mavrik took the short flight back to the UK. The finishing touches were added during the following month and the track later entitled ‘The Monday After’, seeing as it was made on the Monday after the party.

“Admittedly this is one of my favourite tracks, it really has meaning for me. It was done rather quickly with 2 people I’d just met at a party in Holland. It was such a random meeting, we spoke about music into the early hours and then said lets hit the studio tomorrow. The awful hang over and very little sleep didn’t help, but we really wanted to do something together. It was my final day in Amsterdam.”

“I made some great friends that weekend and the track is also so poignant.. It really takes me somewhere else when I listen to it, I find its industrial sound so powerful and thought provoking. It really says a lot about my sound and how alive I can feel when listening to electronic music”.

The track was later signed to Baroque Records

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