‘Haymaker’ – Miss Mavrik & Mandrake (Lowbit Records)

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This long awaited release is due out in May on Lowbit Records. The sound of the track says a lot about the time that went into it. It’s packed to the rafters with crisp sounds, backed up with a quirky dub step break. This accompanied by some strong trance riffs makes the track a very full and exciting production.

Miss Mavrik and Pi Mandrake have been friends for many years now, Haymaker will be their first release together.

“Oh my this track was fun to make. Its great to work with a friend in studio as there are generally lots loaded ideas and strong energies bouncing around. You never really get bored and you can become totally engrossed in whats going on. We spent lots of late night sessions creating the track, we never stopped bickering about idea changes but this only fuelled the production. Pi pecked my head on the dub step break, which in the end to be fair turned out really cool and different. We called it ‘Haymaker’ as the track is so crisp and punchy. Its one of those tracks that I like to call an ass kicker. I’ve played it out through a few amazing systems and its completely gone off!”

The track was signed to Lowbit Records earlier this year with a strong remix also ready for release from Andres De Luna.

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